Almance Country Club Weddings - Tammy & Jami's Album

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I was on my way to deliver Jami and Tammy's album when all of sudden my car started acting weird - there was a strange noise and I thought my engine was going to blow. I slowed down moved in the right hand lane when - BAM - my tire blew. I quickly got to the side of the road and called Matt for help. This just couldn't be happening - see their album is amazing - the design is something a bit different then I had done before and they were so excited to see it. Now I wasn't sure if I could make it to the meeting. But no worries, Super Man I mean Matt came to my rescue - changed my tired and I was on my way.

Tammy, Jami and I meet at DiStefano's Bakery - were we sat (without eating any of those yummy deserts - we were good) going through the album. Talking about their wedding day and the photographs that they love. I loved Tammy's face as she looked over the photographs and could remember them all. It was wonderful to sit with them and go over their wedding day. It is amazing how blessed we are as photographers, our journey begins way before the wedding when we first meet the couple and lasts way after everything is over. Thank you guys for an amazing love story - may your album remind you of your awesome day for years to come.

The album is a gorgeous black leather 30 page 10x10 cameo album. Here are a few photographs of the album itself.

The album pages are beautiful - the color amazing!

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