"A life that is precious is filled with moments you cherish." Unknown

I could sit here all day long writing my accomplishments within the photography world. How I started when film was the only way to photograph, how my husband was the one who bought me my first camera and that I worked in the newspaper industry for a small town newspaper company before moving on to wedding photography. I could also tell you that this is a family based business that has started with my son, Matthew and I, and  now continues by my daughter Sara, and I.  However, I want to tell you something I think is so much more important than myself.

My favorite part of wedding photography is being able to capture those pure and timeless moments between you and your spouse, you and your family and you and your best friend. We care passionately of what we do. Sara and I cherish our wedding photographs, and we desire that you adore and cherish the images of your timeless day.

I need to tell you that photographs are not just a digital memory of an event, but rather an  physical authentic moment that you treasure in. A life that is precious is filled with moments you cherish and from those moments they are captured living on. I have bins upon bins filled with photographs and every single image is timeless. A photograph is never abandoned over time, but cherished in a deeper way.

Come visit some of the timeless images we photograph at: www.michellerobinsonphotography.com.

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