Preston and Doris | The Great Hall at Castle McCulloch

Friday, August 8, 2014

Welcome to Doris and Preston's wedding. They had a beautiful wedding that was held at Castle McCulloch and we are going to start this blog off a little differently. First lets meet their wonderful team of vendors!

Venue: Castle McCulloch
DJ: Paul Cordts
Wedding planner: Holly the Brides sister
Florist: Occasions Custom Floral Designs
Photographers: Michelle Robinson Photography
Videographer: CK Productions
DJ: Paul Cordts
Minister: Morgan Bates

We want to start by showing you two (of our many) favorite photographs from their day. The first, is the first dance, what a way to start off the evening, in this dreamy under the chandelier image. The other favorite is the ending of the night with a star filled night on the Amber bridge.

Holly (Doris's sister) did such a remarkable job of setting up the Great Hall. She created a very intimate setting by having long banquet tables with lots of candles, flowers and a wonderful place setting. Lot's of hard work went into setting the stage for a romantic evening.

Doris looked stunning in her dress and we were able to capture her in just a few of the many wonder places at the Great Hall as well as getting her handsome groom.

It was a beautiful moment seeing Doris when she walked down the stairs into her father's embrace. It was a very touching moment.

We loved when Preston would whisper into Doris's ear during the ceremony.

A grand way to end the ceremony by having a bubble exit off the Castle bridge and then onto some photographs.

So we leave this last shot with you and want to remind you to be that little kid again, twirl, dance, sing and don't worry who's watching.. Just enjoy life!

Happy Friday!
Warmest wishes,
Michelle & Sara!

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Julie said...

Beautiful! You captured the magic so well!

Michelle said...

Thank you so much Julie, we appreciate that! Have an awesome day!

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