2 Chicks and a Venue

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So recently you may have seen some Facebook posts about 2 Chicks and a Venue, a new fun adventure we are going on. We have been teasing you about some of the great venues we have been off visiting and getting lots of great details so we can share them with all of you!  So our first post we thought it be great to tell you all a little bit about how this all started.

“2 Chicks and a Venue” truly started as a joke over an idea Jennifer Ball of Knot Your Average Events and Michelle Robinson of Michelle Robinson Photography during a lunch at Chili’s. Jennifer had an idea to check out local venues to get her name out but at the same time to let other vendors and couples planning weddings learn about all the “honey” spots this area has to offer. Michelle quickly added if she needed photographs of these venues that she would happily tag along to view these properties first hand. They quickly started brainstorming about local businesses, facilities, barns, and venues that would be a perfect to start their adventure. But why stop there? Next the idea for a blog, photographs and even business cards….but how could we sum up this year-long project? Easily = 2 Chicks and a Venue was born. So 2 Chicks and a Venue has been busy, as we have been  visiting the Haw River Ballroom, Starlight Meadows, JH Adams Inn, Millikan Farms and many more are on our list.  We will posting quite soon about Haw River Ballroom and we can't wait to show you this sweet rustic venue.  Until then do you have a venue you want us to visit and tell you all about?  Email us at info@2chicksandavenue.com. 

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