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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our Blog Mission Statement.
Our blog has been rejuvenated, with a new look, new postings as well as more photographs of Sara and I.  You may have noticed that we have been posting quite a bit lately and now that we have gotten into a groove, I wanted to share with you where we are taking our blog over the next year by giving you our purpose or ‘mission statement” as to what you can expect!  
1.  God first! Why I may not always know where He is directing me, I trust Him first and foremost to do so.  I have felt for a long time that I have needed to find my writing voice again and share more, so I am so excited to start really blogging again. 

2. This blog will:
o   Be a community for all of our brides.  Where they can come to learn more about bridal education posts and sharing their images and stories.
o   Be a leader in our area to educate, inspire and help others. 

3.  The posts you read will be to:
o   Inspire
o   Educate
o   Share
o   Entertain        

If we are on a mission, this is what you can expect: 
1.  We're on a mission to post at least two blog posts every week!
o   The blog will be filled with all of the sessions we photograph; as well we want to provide education for our brides! We want to connect, inspire, and post helpful tips that you might need for your big day.         
o   We not only want to provide education for our brides, but for aspiring photographers!
2.  We're on a mission to encourage woman! We want to encourage them as they work in this busy lifestyle with helpful tips we have learned by owning a business. 
3.  We're on a mission to spice up your life by getting a little personal!
o   We want to show more of how Sara and I work together, but also how we keep our mother-daughter relationship fresh, fun, and laughable! #mommaandbabybearadventures         
o   Being Italian, you have to love cooking! And we cannot wait to share with you our love of cooking!         
o   Not only do we love cooking, but we also love decorating, painting, and gardening!         
o   We can show you all of these loves with how transformed our backyard into Sara’s dream wedding and so much more! 
4.  We're on a mission to show you what the first year of married life is like!   Sara will be posting on the blog too!  As a new bride/wife she knows what the first (and going on the second) year of married life is like. You will get to read all about #riversmarriedlife soon! 

Photo Credits: Katelyn James

Is there something special you would like to hear about? Let us know by leaving a comment below.  We hope that you will stick around for all the exciting new things as we CANNOT wait to share our next post!

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kate massey said...

The best blog post I've ever read. You two ladies are amazing!

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