10 Things You Want To Know About Us!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It has been such a busy few weeks on the blog! Why you should say YES to an Engagement Session, meeting the beautiful Pasha who does even more beautiful wedding invitations, and our blog mission statement! Not only just on the blog, Michelle and I have been working hard on a secret project!! Don't worry, we will soon be revealing it to you soon! Keep an eye out for a blog post on Tuesday! BUT, today we wanted to write a fun blog post for you to enjoy! Of course you know who we are, but we want to tell you even more about the quirky fun facts of us!

5 Things to know about Sara:

1.  My favorite store to shop at is Trader Joe's! (Oh goodness, I could be in there for hours buying everything!)

2. I am OBSESSED with journals. I always have an abundant amount on hand!

3. Even though I got a bachelor degree in Medieval and Ancient Roman History, I always wanted to go for the study of Italian. I took a total of 4 classes before I had to switch! (Ciao, mi chiamo Sara! Io amore a parlo Italiano con tu!)

4. I really do love going to as many fairs as I can throughout the year!! The ride I love the most? The Ferris Wheel!

5. My favorite guilty snack is a large spoonful of Cookie Butter. (Okay, make it two!)

5 things to know about Michelle:

1.  I love pretty journals and ink well pens. One of my favorites is a pen my husband brought home for me from Germany.  It is a hand glass blown pen!

2. I'm in love with being in love. That could a big reason why I love movies that always have a happy ending. So needless to say I love the Hallmark Channel!

3. When I was 16 I found a pen-pal in England.  We still write and talk to each other!! (Hello love!)

4. My favorite homemade dish would be Gnocchi with meat sauce, I learned how to make these from my mother and she learned from her father. Favorite takeout Chicago Pizza or Portillo's Beef Sandwich. 

5. Dogs! There has always been a dog in my life since I was 3! Starting with a German Shepperd named Sable. I couldn't imagine my life with out my furry ones! 

We love to know something wonderful about you please share with us in the comments below! 

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