Sweet 16 Sara

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sweet 16! Sara is just an amazing daughter, words could never begin to describe how blessed I am to be her mother. She truly cares about other people and is always so giving. One of my favorite gifts from Sara is a memory jar she made for me at Christmas. Inside of it she wrote her favorite memories with me! One was “when we laugh together”. Last night three of her friends slept over and had so much fun. It was joyful to hear all of them laughing as they did each others makeup. She has some amazing friends. Today she will have more of her friends over to celebrate her big day. We have a special cake for her as well as some great food and of course Chocolate! Sara asked me to take photographs of her, create a special Sweet 16 guest book that her friends can sign today at her party. Here are just a few of those photographs of my Sunshine. Sara you are so awesome and I love you. Happy Sweet 16!

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