Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am so very blessed – celebrated a wonderful “early" Thanksgiving with my family last Saturday as my husband went to Germany for his work. We enjoyed all the traditional foods of Stuffed Turkey – my mother’s recepie of wonderful stuffing and loads of other goodies. It isn’t the food – it is the time that we finally get to sit down as a family and be together. Today, I am enjoying the day with my children, we are going to make a huge pot of pasta sauce that will last us through the holiday. With 8 pounds of ground sirloin and Italian sausage - it is one meaty sauce. Then we are going to make Gnocchi. A family tradition for every Christmas Eve since I was a little girl, making homemade potato dumplings. So we thought why not today? These are so yummy – but after you eat Gnocchi, you are done for the night – it is on the couch watching a movie. I have many blessings this year – my family, my friends, the wonderful people I have gotten to know and photograph and my all my pets (Precious, Wishbone, Sweetpea, Jake “the cheese puff”, Tigger, Oreo and Mushu). I wish everyone a very Happy and a blessed Thanksgiving!

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