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Friday, February 12, 2010

I meet the Grigg family a couple of years ago when their daughter Katie was getting married. They were looking for a wedding photographer for their intimate wedding they were having. When I met Katie and Chun - I just fell in love with their easy going personalities. Photographing their wedding at her Grandmothers property was amazing, the grounds were beautifully landscaped with roses entwining and growing around the Pergola. A short time later I was asked to photograph her sister Lauren and her finance Todd's wedding, again at the Grandmother's property. What I loved about the weddings is that each were unique and really had really reflected the couples. This past fall - Katie asked me to do some family portraits as a gift for their mother. Not only did we do family photographs, we even took some time to photograph each couple as well as Lauren and Todd's son - who is super adorable. Katie and Chun also asked me if I could please get some photographs of them in their traditional robes - I just love how they got a cute little one for their puppy. It was really wonderful seeing everyone again and thank you for the letting us continue to be a part of your lives. To Lisa, who doesn't like to take photographs - for giving me that perfect smile in the family photograph below.

I love this shot of Lauren, Todd and their son.

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