Graham, NC Engagement Session | Peter and Linda

Thursday, February 23, 2012

She walked across the stage as they announced her name, excited that she was graduating from college and accepting her degree. At the other end of the stage he was waiting for her, with a bouquet of flowers and a ring. When she began to exit the stage, and walked down the steps, there in front of hundreds of people, he dropped down to one knee and proposed… she said yes!

They met each other nine years earlier through their best friends (who are now married) but sometimes, life makes you wait. Wait they did, even though they knew they liked each other they waited until they got the chance to be together. So when they started dating Peter and Linda said to one another that they were going to be married by Leap year. That year is this year. “Peter jokes and tells me that he only has to get me a present every four years, but you know how that one is going to go,” Linda says with a smile. So their promise to each other will be fulfilled as they take the leap next Wednesday February 29th,at the Rigmoor House, in an outdoor nighttime ceremony. Linda says "If it all seems like a fairytale, it simply is."


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