Zoo Crew|Saying Goodbye

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Above is part of my Zoo Crew (L-R Sweetpea, Jake, Wishbone and Precious)

It never is easy saying goodbye to someone you love. This past week was most difficult when I had to say goodbye to my dog Precious. I have had her since she was six weeks old, a German shepherd – lab mix that my husband Joe found in a box outside of the Amoco station. She was one of the two puppies they were trying to find a home for, she found one with us. Precious has been my “Little Engine that could, dog”. Every time when we thought this would be near the end for her, we saw what a strong spirit she had. For two years she showed us that she could. She came back with so much spunk and many times she amazed me. However, lately her back legs could no longer support her and would give out on her. The above photograph was taken right before we left. She had not gone to the window in a while, and this day she did and there was my zoo crew (my sister Karen nickname all my animals that) all looking out my office window. One of the many memories I will cherish. Joe and I stood with her until the end; I kissed her sweet face goodbye and let her go. God gives us so many gifts in life; she was one that he had bestowed upon me. I miss you precious pooh.

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