Just For Our Brides: It's All In The Details!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Details, details, details! It is all in the details! Think of it! You spend so much time finding all these perfect details to accent your wedding beautifully, shouldn't they be photographed? Documented for you to cherish and remember the memories attached to each detail?  The details not only add to the wedding, but it transfers beautifully over in your photographs to have for generations!! It makes a WORLD of difference when your details are all together for us to photograph right away. Something brides will ask us is "Michelle, when you say details, what does that all include?" That is a valid questions, what does it mean when we say details! In this blog I will be showing you lovely brides a few different ideas of details that would be AMAZING to photograph the day of your wedding! Each detail to every bride is unique and cherished in unique ways. Here are some of our favorite details to photograph, but we love all different types of details!

After all the time spent choosing the right gown, it is something that you should have photographed! For us, this is how we start our day by seeing you getting even more gorgeous then by photographing your dress! It is a little window into what the day will hold. A tip with the dress, make sure that you have the right HANGER to display your dress on.  Instead of the plastic hanger it comes with, you can get an elegant customized hanger!  Even a wooden hanger makes an elegant display for your dress! Trust us, this detail you will not want to miss!

Another critical part of the wedding details are the RINGS. We really love the BLING, please make sure all three rings are ready for their close up as soon as we start photographing! While you will be wearing them everyday from that day onward, it is wonderful to have a lot of photographs of them!  Once we have the ring shots THEN they can go back to where they belong. :)
Veil and Hairpieces:
Veils, whether long or short, add their touch of softness to each wedding! Just as an example, Sara had a birdcage veil for her wedding and it was perfect to photograph the rings on! They are beautiful to photograph on or off the bride (and sometimes groom)! Especially when photograph details, the veil will add a beautiful glow to the picture, it will be worth it to have it ready!

 When doing Carla and Richards FIRST LOOK we got this beautiful image with her veil!

Shoes! Sara is a complete shoe girl! Who does love shoes, especially those you wear on your wedding day? Don't let anyone bring you the shoes later, have them with the dress so you don't have to worry. Everything will be together and ready for us to photography! Here are two important tips we have learned throughout our course of photographing: first, you NEED to break in your shoes before your big day! Secondly, when we take you out for your couple session, it is important to think of pointy heels and grass! If you purchase heel stoppers, it will save you worry on your wedding day to spend dancing with your husband!

Speaking of shoes, lets not forget about the earrings, bracelets, purse and necklaces! It is so tempting to put these on but please wait for us to get ALL the details and then slip these on after your dress!

A favorite broach from your grandmother or handkerchief from your mother, it is important to photograph for you to have! Something that we really love learning about it favorite keepsakes that each bride cherishes.

Flowers add a beautiful backdrop to all your other details while photographing. Please have ALL your flowers delivered to wherever you are getting ready so that we can have a few for your before photographs! Especially if you are considering, which we encourage, a FIRST LOOK.

Invitations, just like all the other details, add that special flare to each wedding. It creates and adds another dimension to your detail photographs and its something you will want to keep! You can either send us an invitation (which we will accept! :) or have a copy of one on your wedding day that we can use!

Letters and/or gifts adds beauty and happy tears to a wedding day! Whether they are shared between bride and groom or for your parents/attendants. Every bride, groom, or parent has a different response to these letters/gifts. They provide a beautiful moment of peacefulness or excitement before the wedding ceremony! Just a tip, if you do want to share a moment together, think of where you would like this to happen and will you include this in your first look(?)!

The groom was given a surprise gift, right before the wedding! While he was out of town on a business trip, the bride did a bridal portrait session and included his Harley Davidson Bike!

You can even do special gifts for your children! A special gift for a son.
These are most of the details that you can have photographed! From head to toe, everything about your details are important. Everything has it place and if it is important to have in your wedding, we want to make sure it is photographed! There are a numerous amounts of other details that you can add into your wedding day, just let us know! The more details, the better! We hope that this helps you when it comes to planning your wedding details! We just can't get enough of them.

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