How to care for your Succulents

Friday, May 8, 2015

The warm weather has finally come to North Carolina and we couldn’t be happier! We love soaking up the sun as much as we can during the spring and summer months. Is that your favorite thing to do during these warm months or is it something different? ☺ While we could talk about that for hours, I want to share with you all something that can last year round...succulents!

I honestly do not know where or how succulents came to be popular, but I am sure glad they are! They are the perfect houseplant for those who have a little trouble with keeping houseplants alive (guilty as charged!). Yet, the first succulent I had died because I truly didn’t know how to properly take care of it! So here I am to give you a few tips and tricks when caring for succulents!

Before I spill all of my secrets, some of you may be asking, “What is a succulent?” Succulents are some variants of Cacti, but not completely like a cactus. They have thick fleshy skin and retain water very well. There are tons of different types of succulents that range over a wide variety of shapes and sizes! At our last engagement, Caitlin and Allen, there was a succulent that was massive! I mean look at that…that’s a succulent!

Tip Time!

One: Now because succulents are kind of like Cacti, they can retain water very well so you really only have to water when the soil starts to feel/appear dry! I would recommend around once a week, two tops. The amount of water does come into play too. When you water your succulents, I would only do enough to wet the leaves and soil. These plants soak up the water in their thick leaves and store it there until needed.
Two: The soil that you purchase is extremely important! I would recommend replanting them (even in the same vase or planter) with Cacti soil. We purchased a large bag at Lowes for inexpensive price. It works perfect with the succulents. Secondly, I would recommend putting some small rocks on the bottom so that any excess water may stay there until it needs to be used. The rocks will work as a filtering system along with making the top of the soil prettier!

Lastly, succulents dislike darkness and extreme cold temperature. Always keep your succulents in open, bright sunlight spaces! They will being to grown and thrive! And if you have to package them up, that’s okay, just as soon as you can get them out to see some sun!

I hope these few tips help you on your journey to be a succulent owner!

You can see a wonderful display of succulents at the Paul J. Ciener Botanical Gardens!

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