Ryan's Bridal Session + O'henry Hotel

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sara and I had so much fun photographing Sean and Ryan's Wedding this past weekend! So much so we can't believe it is already over! While they are soaking in some sunshine rays in Cancun (SO jealous!), we can share Ryan's Bridal Session that was photographed at the O'Henry Hotel. One of my favorite parts of photographing is capturing the joy a wedding has over the whole family. When Ryan began getting dressed I was able to capture some wonderful moments between the special ladies in her life, her mother Merritt and sister Kathryn! Ryan's veil is very sentimental as the head piece was the same one that her mother wore on her wedding day. Doesn't that make you tear up?! As her mom was pinning the veil in Ryan's hair, her sister Kathryn and her shared such a cute fun moment together, which made the tears of joy turn into giggles! The O'Henry parlor has a elegant and classic look, it was the perfect place to begin, and Ryan just radiated beauty from the inside out! The classic look of the hotel, Ryan's radiance, and the most gorgeous lighting created just breathtaking photographs. These images taken in the parlor are some of Ryan's favorite images, which makes my heart swell! 

Whether we photographed outside the front of the hotel, in the little garden area or on the ladder in the bar area, it was a delightful time!! A big shout out to her sister Kathryn, who helped through out the session with the dress. Ryan, thank you for such for the laughter, the smiles, and the trust you gave me to photograph your session! 

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